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Bernhard Lindner (Leonhard Lang GmbH, Österreich)

Bernhard Lindner, MSc is head of Quality Management within the Quality department at the medical products manufacturer Leonhard Lang GmbH in Innsbruck, Austria. He is responsible for the reorganisation of the existing quality management system. Among other things, a modern FMEA tool with software support in risk management will be introduced.

Dr.-ing. alexander schloske, Fraunhofer Institut Germany

Alexander Schloske is at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation in Stuttgart. He has many years of project experience in the areas of product and quality management in different industries. In addition to his activities in industry, he holds lectures on quality management at the University of Stuttgart and on methods of product development at TU Vienna.

Ute Schuler, FMEAplus Akademie

FMEA training and moderating are the core competences of Ute Schuler. Her main tasks are implementing the FMEA method in companies, moderating projects and presenting the FMEA to the customer and in certification audits. She focuses on the automotive industry, but also supports projects in the railway and medical sectors, as well as special purpose machinery.

rhonda brender (Nexteer automotive, AIAG, SAE, usa)

Rhonda is chair of the SAE J1739 FMEA Standard committee, coauthor of SAE J2886 DRBFM Recommended Practice, coauthor of the AIAG FMEA 4th Edition Reference Manual and coauthor of the AIAG CQI-24 DRBFM Reference Manual. Her latest project is the AIAG-VDA FMEA harmonization team where she is an active writer, editor, and trainer.

Kriminaldirektor Stefan Kahl, Fachhochschule für öffentliche Verwaltung NRW

Stefan Kahl, Senior Chief Superintendent, has more than 30 years of experience in policing, both on operational and managerial level. Currently he is a full-time senior lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration of North Rhine-Westphalia. In his area of expertise (operational doctrine) he explores and developes options to apply and to transfer the methodology of risk management to the planning process of large-scale police operations.

René Wichmann, kion group - linde material handling

René Wichmann is responsible for Technical Risk Assessment (TRA) in CTO division at KION GROUP AG. Together with his team he provides and develops group-wide moderation services, software tools, trainings and methodology standards for TRA-methods in a central function. The integrated methodology concept of TRA is enabled by active frontloading and an active Lessons Learned culture.

Rüdiger Koppe, Strategic Risk Institute

Rüdiger Koppe is founder and managing director of SRI Strategic Risk Institute GmbH. He was career officer in the German Airforce as chief of operations of a military flying school and wing flight safety officer. Then he joined Airbus, initially as head of Integrated Training Systems and later as head of Business Development Security and Defence for Airbus Defence and Space, Space Systems. He graduated from the German armed forces University in Munich as Master for International Management and Enterprise Organisation.

dietmar wegner (european space agency)

Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Wegner is involved over 30 years in several disciplines in the ‘Safety and Dependability’ assurance for technologies and projects in different industrial domains like nuclear power plants, high speed railways and space. Currently he is supporting ‘Dependability and Safety Assurance’ for the ‘Galileo Space Navigation Project’ of the European Space Agency (ESA), Risk assessment for future ESA space missions and other space related activities.

Dominik Hippert, Continental

Dominik Hippert is Head of Process Standardization in the Business Unit „Hydraulic Brake Systems“ at Continental. There he is responsible for Process-FMEAs, Process-Specifications and Technical Process Audits. The Process-FMEAs are developed in a specific Master-Concept for automotive processes. Dominik Hipper is member of the VDA/AIAG harmonization team.

Lee D. Dawson, Quality-One USA

L. D. Dawson has over 40 years of experience in Quality and Reliability engineering and application. Founder and Technical Director of Quality-One since 1986, he had previously held engineering and training positions at Ford Motor Company. As Trainer he has consulted thousands of quality and engineering professionals in FMEA and APQP. He is teaching also for several colleges and universities and has written and collaborated on several technical books and manuals.

Gerhard Liebhart, Director Institute Genese

Gerhard F. Liebhart; M.Sc., is Director of the Institute Genese, Business Trainer, Coach, (Team) Mediator, Leadership Coach and specialized in the development of executives, employees and teams for 23 years. Due to his work in a total of 23 countries, the intercultural challenges is again and again the focus of his work. Topics such as increasing the resilience of employees and teams, and accompanying executives to optimize their leadership responsibilities are among his daily tasks.

Bernd von Regius, FORD Werke

Bernd von Regius, MSc., Dipl. Ing. ist Head of FMA (Failure Mode Avoidance) in the quality department of product development at Ford Werke GmbH in Köln Merkenich. He has many years of experience in various tasks and functions in the quality department - currently in the development and implementation of quality methods in the company with focus on product development. Thus he supports the overall goal to ensure error-free products.

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